Everything about Indy 500 is legendary. There are traditions such as the Borg-Warner Trophy, drinking a cold bottle of milk, and singing “Back Home Again in Indiana.” And that makes it the most prestigious racing show in the United States and all over the globe.

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you have the privilege of watching unforgettable actions of qualified and unfearful 33 drivers. Each driver puts on a great show of speed racing and drifting styles to get his hands on the Indy 500 championship win.

How can I Stream Indy 500 on PC

Here, we will give insights on how to stream Indy 500 on your PC.

Watching Indy 500 on PC

There are many ways you can watch Indy 500 live stream no matter where you’re. You can even watch the race via your mobile phone or your smart TVs.

What if we told you that there is a possibility of watching the race on your PC?

Sounds cool! Yeah, and here is how.

  • NBC Sports Network

You can go to nbcsports.com to catch every action of the Indy 500. The best way to do this is subscribing to the NBC Sports Gold package that goes for about $50. Subscribe to their emails to know precisely when the listing for Indy 500 is available.

  • Social Media Accounts

It’s the best and most of the time, the free option of watching any sports events all around the world. You can view Football, Basketball, Boxing, Indy 500, and many other live sports events. Some of the social media accounts to use are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.


Use your web browser on your computer and search and put your login credentials on the NBC Sports Network official site to watch Indy 500. Also, you can log in to your social media accounts and search “Indy 500” when the race is on or about to start. You may find official channels or other users streaming the live-action of the competition.

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