The annual National Hunt horse race is one of the most treasured events in British culture. The race started some 180 years ago and has become a huge part of the lives of many Britons. To put things in perspective, over one hundred and fifty thousand people attend the race every year and this number includes people who don’t even watch horse racing regularly.

Grand National is not just a local event that the British populace love. Far from it. It is one of the most popular horse racing events in Europe and the world at large. Over 600 million people tune in to watch several parts of the 3-day events.

The 2020 edition promises to be even better, bigger and more entertaining. Attendees will be treated to a lot of entertainment content in the first two days before the main event. They can watch quality races as individuals, groups and even as couples during the Liverpool Day events.

Ladies Day gives the attendee the opportunity to display the best in style and fashion. Attendees also stand a chance of winning the car prize at the end of the Ladies day events.

However, fans watching from home are not left behind. In fact, adequate provision has been made for fans to watch all the events both with cable and without cable. For fans who don’t have cable, you can follow the live-action on the ITV website or ITV app. The Grand National live stream of the event is free for people in the United Kingdom. Fans living outside the United Kingdom can also use VPN to overcome restrictions in their locations.

You can also get regular updates, key moments and previews by following the event on social media. Some attendees even live to stream the event to their Twitter and Reddit accounts.

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