Rory McIlroy's best shots of the decade: 2010-19

Most golf fans are now anticipating one of the outstanding championships on the PGA tour at the TPC sawgrass ground. What is puzzling most of the enthusiasts is whether the Rory Mcllroy will retain the title, which he claimed in the last championship.

There is no doubt if you have been a closer follower to the player’s championship, that you know who is Rory Mcllroy. However, it is none of your crime, if you have no idea of who is this might man in regards to the game of golf. Maybe you are a new fan.

All in all, Rory Mcllroy is one of the professional golfers from Northern Ireland. He is a member of both the European and PGA tours. The man has several major titles on his head. What is amazing, is maintaining the top position on the world golf ranking for 95 weeks.

Moreover, he is a four-time major championship winner, he won the 2011 U.S open by setting the score records of 16. The other titles include the 2012 PGA championship, the 2014 PGA championship, and the 2014 open championship.

The exceptional man is distinguished for his great shots. If you want to see some of his best shots of the 2019-2020 decade then don’t miss this coming championship which set at the TPC sawgrass ground starting 10th to 16th of march.

Luckily, there are many ways to watch The Players live stream and see Rory Mcllroy in action. If you have any access to golf channel, NBC or fox sports then you have everything in regards to watching the championship.

So, whether you prefer online streaming, watching from the cable/satellite TV or visiting the golf course, Rory Mcllroy is the man you must watch if you truly love the game of golf.

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