New change in Bathurst 1000

Amid the current global pandemic that has brought wonders to various nations of the world, Bathurst’s 1000 stakeholders have planned new changes.

For the safety of fans and spectators, Supercars has announced that there will be no camping in this year’s Bathurst 1000. They also limited participation to no more than 4000 people.

Although in most cases the annual Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 motorsport draws million fans not only from Australia but also from different parts of the world, new changes need to be made this year.

One of the measures taken to contain the spread of highly contagious COvid-19 will be restricting those who will attend. Fan seating has been limited at the base of the mountain near Murray’s corner.

The spectator’s point and camping on the top of the mountain are prohibited. Apart from the viewing on the Hell corner, it has also been restricted at the CHASE.

Also, the paddock area and the rear of the garages have been banned and are not accessible to spectators or fans. The usual autograph sessions with drivers were also banned. This fan limit of 4000 implies that some, if not many, will miss out on their favorite event even if they secure their tickets early enough.

For those who have already bought the ticket for this year’s edition, two options now remain. Either to extend the 2020 ticket for the upcoming 2021 event or to return the ticket and receive the refund via Ticketek.

Presale tickets have been available since September 22nd for those who have already bought tickets to secure their place at this year’s edition.

Sean Seamer, the chief executive officer in his speech, said they are disappointed that they are unable to accommodate a full crowd in Bathurst, but they are happy to offer these limited opportunities to just a few fans.

He said the lack of seating like in established stadiums made it difficult to control the crowd on Mount Panorama amid the highly contagious coronavirus.

 The Chief Executive Officer also thanked the Bathurst Regional Council and the New South Wales Government for their support in offering the event and for working with the supercar to plan the safety of the few fans who will have a chance to witness as the king of the mountain is crowned this coming 18th of October.

Other changes seen in this year’s edition include that drivers will only have one registered “significant other” who has permission to enter the Supercars Championship paddock.

Even though the country is facing the threat of coronavirus, this great race has some freedom, albeit to a degree, especially when compared to other sports in Australia and around the world. Families of the drivers have been allowed.

While this now implies that many will be missing out on this second most popular event in Australia, after the Melbourne Cup you can make sure you are not missing out by taking advantage of the internet. There are many ways to stream 2020 Bathurst 1000 live.

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