Want to know the richest golfer in the world? Don’t go any further, keep reading here you are! We have adequate information on this great guy including his career, net worth, salary, etc. Golf is a prestigious game and it carries several rich golfers. Though it’s on the easiest side of difficulty in games, golf is pretty engaging. You can take the shortest time to learn it but you may end up taking a lifetime to be an expert.

Golf looks pretty simple but in real senses, it’s one of the toughest games that need precision. It is probably an outdoor game and doesn’t need standardized areas and teams for playing.

Golf fan or not, everybody knows the name, Tiger Woods. As a professional golfer, Woods quite has amassed the fortune. It’s estimated that his net worth to be $800 million. His salary is estimated to be $50 million annually. Since this golfer started playing professionally his earnings have impressively increased. In 1996 is when Wood started his professional golfing career and his autonomous success has earned him rank among the highest-paid players and apart from golfing he has also founded the Woods Ventures foundation that recognizes underserved students generation that is normally challenged by limited access to educational resources. He lives in Jupiter in sprawling home with property worth $54 million. Woods’s endorsements total $42 million.

Generally, this game is played at the individual level. There are those guys who are skilled and have mastered the game and they enter into competitions to prove their exceptional skills and they will strive to go pro. Just like the other sports there exist a pro golfing league that’s played by pros and they do it for big bucks with plenty competitions paying out more than $500,000 however the most desired one to be won is the US Open. If by any means you claim the title, you go home with more than $1 million dollars. Get in touch with this year’s British Open live online and get watch these pros compete.

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