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“ Know this. You have to do what I ask of you. And don’t ask any questions. ” His voice drops a few octaves.Instinctively, I place my hands over his chest, feeling his beating heart under my palm.“ Just do as I say and everything will be fine. ” His eyes lower to my lips. “ Or else…”The lingering threat triggers the rebel side of mine. “ Or else? ”“ Or else…” He lifts his gaze to my eyes and shoots me a very promising smirk. “ I will make you. "****************A wild night out with her two best friends, away from her controlling boyfriend was all Natalie Whitman planned on the ocassion of her 20th birthday, but it didn't turn out quite right. Because now, she was marked and claimed by a man she doesn't even know and her boyfriend of two years is pounding the door. Hide the truth or pretend to be not marked—That's her only choice but it doesn't prove out to be easy when the Alpha who marked her comes barging in her life and it becomes impossible for her to ignore him.

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  • Alpha's Claimed MateEnd NoteHEY, lOVELIES! There is only so much that you can fit in a single Author's note so I am writing this end note separately. This book was indeed the most unplanned book I have written but it became the book I hold close to my heart. It's not only because I liked the characters but because I thought you all were connected to this story. I don't like writing sequels of a story but for this book, I made the exception and wrote a separate story for some side characters. I had attempted this for another book before but it didn't work out like this so I am glad that I was able to finish this story in the end. This was also the longest story I have written so I learned a lot from it and you all. Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey and for staying with me to the end! It meant a lot to me and I am expecting that you all will join me on the new journeys too. If you liked this book, do check out other books from me that are available on the Goodnovel app. Omega for the Alpha
  • Alpha's Claimed MateEpilogueANNE ~SEVEN MONTHS LATER Sometimes, it’s hard to believe how a person can change so much. When I look at myself in the mirror these days, I find someone I don’t even know. Maybe, that’s what love does to people. It changes them, or perhaps, it brings the child out of them—the child they hide away from the world in hopes to protect the injured soul. Zero’s selfless love and unconditional support have brought out that child from inside my head. I am surprised to find that she is wounded, yes, but she is in the process of healing. It might take her a lifetime to heal but I don’t worry because I know he is here with me, and he will always be. Even when I was inside the labor room after six months, pushing and struggling to bring life out from inside me, I didn’t fear anything. I felt pain, in waves, and it made me almost pass out. It was the hardest thing I had done in my life, the most excruciating but it was fine because he was there with me. I clenched his hand with each push. I
  • Alpha's Claimed MateChapter 53ZERO “ I am pregnant, Zero. ” She repeats in a calmer tone. I hear her jumpy, loud heartbeat and try to search for my own. I think my heart has stopped beating. “ I found out two days ago and came to tell you. ” She is saying things. I see her lips moving, her brows jumping up and down, her nose scrunching with each word she is uttering but I can’t make sense of any of it. I am trying to hear my thoughts or the beat of my heart. The shocking silence is making me feel as if I am traveling through space, through the stars and galaxies and universes and it means nothing and everything to me. My heart finally beats. Anne is still saying things and I still can’t hear. I leave her hands. My arms coil around her waist, pulling her flush against me. I don’t know if she has stopped talking or not. I don’t know anything. I don’t want to know anything else. My eyes close as a breath escapes my mouth. My heart beats in my ears as different emotions rush through my head at the same time.
  • Alpha's Claimed MateChapter 52ZEROWhy did I think she will let me rest?She starts poking my side as soon as I go silent. “ Zero. Talk to me. ” I let out a soft breath and keep my eyes closed. I am in no mood to listen to her tonight.“ I am sorry. ” She pokes my ribs with her forefinger.“ I will never do it. I promise. I will die before hurting you. ” Another poke.“ I know you can hear me. Stop acting like a baby. ” She groans, poking me once more.“ You are annoying me right now. ” I utter.She stops poking me all of sudden. I finally breathe in relief. “ Am I really annoying you? ” She asks in a gentle whisper.The muscles in my bare shoulders clench. I push my arm off my eyes and open them to look at her.It’s fine as long as she is annoying and not hurt. I don’t want to hurt her.“ Anne…” I sigh, not knowing what I want to tell her.She rolls her eyes at me before pushing herself closer. I squeeze my lips, narrowing my eyes slightly.Her lips morph into a sneaky grin. She swings her leg over my torso. He
  • Alpha's Claimed MateChapter 51ANNEA knock sounds on the car’s window. I yelp, pulling back and glancing at Liam who is smirking.He is unaffected by the rain wetting him. His meaningful gaze switches between me and Zero. I gulp, pushing myself off Zero’s lap and back onto the passenger’s seat.Liam steps back as Zero drives the car through the open door and stops in the driveway. I sigh, stealing a glance at my mate.I thought I was doing things for the better, but I was only running away. It took me only a f*cking week to realize I don’t care what the f*ck happens. I want him by my side and I can never imagine a life without him.Now, when I am carrying our child, I feel the need to be close to him even more. It’s not just love anymore…it’s also a sense of stability and a family that I seek in Zero. He opens the door and steps out without looking at me. I release another sigh and step out, following him.Liam appears beside me, his wet hair falling over his forehead.“ So you two were fighting. I was right. ” H
  • Alpha's Claimed MateChapter 50ZEROI have never disliked anything about Anne. Everything she did, every decision she made, every harsh word she uttered at me didn’t matter to me until what she did a week ago.A week ago, I felt the weight of her words pushing me to my knees for the first time. I disliked what she did. And I didn’t feel like following her as she asked.It took me a few hours to finally understand what it was that I felt. I was angry. Maybe no. I was fuming, my blood was running hot in my veins. Just as she had uttered hurtful words at me, I wanted to do the same.I had gone to do just that when I left that place abruptly, but when I reached the Night Walker Pack and saw her, the anger went to the back of my head.I was still angry but taking out that anger on Anne would never happen. Hurting her would break my heart.I realized she didn’t mean anything she said right when she was uttering those words. The thing I disliked the most was the fact that she was not behaving like the usual selfish woman
  • Alpha's Claimed MateHappy New Year!Hey Lovely Readers! Happy New Year to you all! I don't know how you all spent 2022, but I know you all have been brave and you all are still standing. Some days must have been hard, and some days must have been filled with a sense of fulfillment and happiness! Regardless of everything, you all have surely done great in your lives ❤ I wish the new year brings you all joy and happiness that never ends! 💜 Thanks for always supporting me! I know some chapters are hard to read sometimes, but trust me, everything is fine in the end 💜 I am not fond of sad endings 😂 Once again, Happy New Year!!! Remember me in your wishes! Love you all ❤ ~S.Y
  • Alpha's Claimed MateChapter 49ANNEIt takes me a few hours to get to the vampire territory. My heart continues to pump blood at the speed of lightning. The thought of seeing him after what I said that day is killing me but even for my own selfish reasons, I need to know he is doing fine.As I drive the car towards the huge gates of the mansion, the vampires push it open, letting me inside. My heart begins beating faster than before. I turn off the engine when I am in the driveway.Wiping my sweaty hands over my jeans, I open the door and step out only to meet Liam who is rushing to me. In a familiar gesture, his arms are engulfing me in a hug.I sigh, not finding it in myself to get angry today.“ How have you been, sweet Anne? ” He questions, smiling genuinely.“ I thought you didn’t like me anymore. ” I let out, taking a step back.“ Oh, that was some angry banter. Don’t take it to heart. ” He flaps his hand in the air before he is dragging me inside the mansion where his parents await me.My eyes nervously roam
  • Alpha's Claimed MateChapter 48ANNEHe let me leave. I didn’t waste a moment and left him there. He was better off without me. I should have realized this sooner.A week has passed since that Goddess awful day yet my heart still hurts the same. A little part of me even wanted Zero to follow me. I didn’t think it was this easy to push him away.When I left the vampire territory, I was not sure where I wanted to go. At that moment, Natalie called me and asked me to come to her. She was in pain again but this time, it was labor pain.For some time, I forgot about my misery and stood outside her hospital room as she screamed in agony. Ryker was by her side for hours straight.Her labor was prolonged. Giving birth to a hybrid was hard for her but she survived. And gave birth to a blue-eyed angel. Rhys Ambrose—Natalie and Ryker named their son together.Ryker had stepped out of the room with his baby only when Natalie had fallen asleep under the influence of some potions. My heart had filled with so much happiness for my
  • Unleash Your Inner Wolf with Alpha's Claimed Mate

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To Readers

Alpha's Claimed Mate is a thrilling werewolf novel written by S.Y. The story revolves around the alpha werewolf, Alex, who has been searching for his mate. One day, he meets Elena, who turns out to be his true mate. However, Elena has a dark past that threatens to destroy their bond. With a 4.5-star rating on GoodNovel App, this book has received rave reviews from readers. It's an addictive and captivating read!" said one reader. If you're a fan of the werewolf genre, Alpha's Claimed Mate is a must-read.


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (25)

Jamie Boozer Dorga

Thank you for one making this an Audio ( I recently had a cervical discectomy and fusion so I'm not allowed to turn my neck in any direction and my arms hurt. so thank you for this option). This is my favorite story. Yes Ryker and Natalie was great, but my love for Anne and Zero.....beautiful

2024-06-09 19:33:15


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (26)

Kim JK

I am truly impressed. This was truly an amazing book. I have a few authors that I Stickney, but I decided to give S.y. a try and glad I did. Even reading both books. You know you have a good read when you want to through the book or the device you are reading and then run to pick it up to continue

2024-04-06 23:11:14


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (27)


Amazing book

2024-04-06 11:12:38


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (28)

Virginia Miley Als

I love, love, this book...️

2024-03-25 03:12:32


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (29)

Amanda Kennedy

What a roller-coaster ride! Thoroughly enjoy both stories, kinda sad I've finished reading it. Will definitely be reading a few times!

2024-02-11 14:27:31


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (30)


Beautiful book Loved loved loved it!!! even though it did get hard to read at times going through all types of emotions lol.

2024-02-06 03:22:49


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (31)


Thank you for writing such a great story! The character growth was amazing. Lots of ups and downs. You never disappoint!

2024-01-26 10:28:38


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (32)


Omg I need this book on paper... I couldn't put it down ...️...️

2024-01-11 05:59:19


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (33)


One of the best books I've read in a long time. However, so far I have never been disappointed when this authors books.

2024-01-08 15:27:17


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (34)


Great great story!! I love this author, this is my second book and I couldn’t put down the book until the end! Well done author!

2023-12-31 06:26:13


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (35)


Definitely one of my favorite books! I really wish there was an entire book for Anne and Zero but the spin off of them was well written.

2023-12-08 13:21:52


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (36)


The author of this book is wonderful. More power to write wonderful stories like this

2023-10-20 06:40:26


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (37)

MinAh Kim

Excellent story though the female lead is very annoying at times

2023-10-03 11:54:54


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (38)

Melissa Crenshaw

You need to rewrite the part where Natalie runs out of the room to stop Riker from rejecting her You make it seem like she leaves Riker in the room with Britney You need to have zero come in and get Britney and tell her It was a setup to prove she has been lying about being riker's mate

2023-09-13 11:34:16


Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (39)

mira ira

love the story so much ...️

2023-09-13 09:53:29


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Alpha's Claimed Mate PDF & Novel Online by ~S.Y to Read for Free - Werewolf Stories - GoodNovel (2024)


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