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If you are a regular user of our web novel platform, you must be no stranger to this long-standing best-seller in charts – “Alpha Asher”. As a perfect sample for inclusion in Goodnovel Writers Academy’s course materials, there is so much to commend “Alpha Asher”. One of the most amazing elements is the character setting of Lola and Alpha Asher, the heroine and hero of this book.

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Luna Lola: The Chosen Girl Who Matches Best with Alpha Asher

With a classic girl image, kind, sweet, strong-minded, and sexy from the inside out, Lola doesn’t lose her uniqueness to stand out from the similar female leads in the romance stories. Everyone who has read this book will always remember how she looks: gothic black eyes and hair which are different from her family and not admired by her blonde-fan ex; short and thin which makes her lack strength and look weak in a werewolf’s world, but so much more flexible and agile than any wolves.

She is such a typical imperfect beauty, shining in her own fashion, but unacceptable by her living environment. At the beginning of the story, like all of us, she tries to trade compromise for love and approval, and guess what? Also, like all of us, real injustice teaches her fiercely that giving up one’s true nature will invite nothing but destruction.

So as any reader would expect, she awakens. All the things that set her out of ordinary are the ones she can turn to her advantages! Fighting, loving, living hard. This is her life, vigorous like a blooming plant, nourished by adversity and challenges, as well as attracting mighty, powerful souls.

Like her gracious grandma, her best friend who is always having her back, and of course, her affectionate and faithful man, Alpha Asher.

And only such a vital, charismatic Luna can be worthy of being loved by a great, righteous Alpha.

Alpha Asher: A Perfect Dream-lover for Ladies

Book Review: Alpha Asher Novel by Jane Doe - Werewolf (2)

No doubt that Alpha Asher is the best lover that every woman would dream of. Because in essence, the genre of romance novel is about how a female describes her strong affection towards her dream-lover, and how her dream-lover responds to her affection by his courtship behaviors.

And Alpha Asher, with the most handsome appearance, the highest social status, the greatest power, and the most noble personality, fully meets all women's needs for a mate.

However, there is a revelation in real life that every woman would probably learn from their mates: a man seems all-conquering, which is the point that she is attracted to, yet he is always pretending not to be vulnerable or uncertain; and only when she perceives and understands this dark side of him, she falls in love.

It can be said that weakness makes a hero flesh and blood.

The author Jane Doe was so smart that she didn’t reveal Alpha Asher’s inner weakness so quickly, but established an image with a sense of contrast through Lola’s POV, which provokes all the readers’ curiosity: when will this seemingly flawless king open a gap and let her heroine shine the light of life into him?

Alpha Asher & Luna Lola: The Best Couple Reflecting The Best Writing

Book Review: Alpha Asher Novel by Jane Doe - Werewolf (3)

As we have analyzed above, Alpha Asher, as a mature life model, leads Lola to grow and bloom; and in return, it is Lola’s endless vitality that comforts and stabilizes Alpha Asher, making his life complete.

So, this pair of hero and heroine is a perfect couple in the genre of romance, for they easily evoke empathy of the largest number of female readers by faithfully restoring an ideal model of real-life romantic relationships.

And the keen insight of perceiving this model and the masterful writing techniques used to present it reflects Jane Doe’s highest level in the field of web novels.

How could she do that? Why is the character setting of “Alpha Asher” so real and lovable?

The secrets of high-level web novel writing will be disclosed at the Writers Academy!

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Book Review: Alpha Asher Novel by Jane Doe - Werewolf (2024)


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