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“ Okay! I agree with you two. Please help me find this man. ” I tell Anne and Giana who are both sitting on Giana’s bed.

Worry and anxiety is clear in their eyes along with suppressed pity. I got my head bandaged earlier and as usual, Doctor Yoona insisted that I admit someone was abusing me but…I lied to her and told her that I had fallen off the stairs like I always do. This excuse is becoming ridiculous at this point, but no one in this pack gives a damn to what happens to a wolf less daughter of the Beta. For all they care, I should die soon.

Instead of going home after getting my head bandaged, I came to Giana’s house. As expected, she and Anne were waiting for me to come. It’s like a routine. Every time I get scolded, I come here for comfort. Anne and Giana’s parents allow me to be in their house because they are the only one’s except Enzo who care about me.

“ So you believe he is your mate now. ” Anne excitedly makes a statement.

“ No. There is some error in this situation. ” I tell them without blinking my eyes.

“ Are you kidding us? It’s past midnight and you haven’t died. This only means one thing. That man is your mate and he rightfully claimed you. ” Giana bursts out at me.

I shake my head. “ I refuse to believe this. ”

“ You can’t deny this, Natalie. Please try to understand…Enzo is not your mate. ” Anne grabs my hands in hers and asserts.

I shake my head once more. “ he said he is my mate and there is nothing and no one I trust more than him. Enzo is my mate, Anne. ”

Anne’s eyes dull down and she shares a brief glance with Giana who looks equally frustrated.

“ You two know something. ” I mumble.

“ We need to find this man. He can make you understand this better. ” Giana intervenes.

I nod my head. Yes, that man with ocean eyes can make me understand why I am not dead even after he marked me unrightfully.

“ Perhaps…I consented to it while I was drunk. ” All of a sudden, a thought occurs to me.

Anne heaves a heavy breath and leaves my hands.

“ I knew you will be coming to us so I gathered the pictures of all the Alphas. ” Anne tells me.

Giana yelps enthusiastically and jumps closer to us. I don’t understand why my two best friends desperately want Enzo to be not my mate. Enzo too is our childhood friend yet something has changed between us four. For one, I am his mate but why does it affect Giana and Anne so much? I am sure I will figure it out soon.

“ See. ” Anne pushes her phone’s screen close to my face so I can take a look at the picture.

“ Is this him? ” Giana asks hopefully.

I shake my head. Anne shows me the next picture and then the next and another one. We see a lot of pictures, but he doesn’t turn out to be anyone of them.

“ Are you sure he was an Alpha? I have shown you pictures of all the Alphas already. ” Anne throws the phone aside and lies down on the bed, irritated.

“ I can’t be too sure Anne. I think he was an Alpha because he seemed powerful like one. But my senses don’t work as better as yours so I can’t really be sure. ” I shrug my shoulders.

Giana facepalms herself and lies down beside Anne to sulk. I join them instantly and we three stare at the ceiling silently for a while.

“ How was he even? ” Giana whispers after a while.

My heart oddly skips a dangerous beat when I recall his touch, his strong strokes, his penetrating gaze. The dominance he oozed was something out of this world. The way he claimed me feels like the part of a forbidden fantasy.

“ He was an asshole. ” I mutter under my breath.

“ Your heart doesn’t agree. You always forget we can hear your heartbeat. ” Giana chuckles lowly.

“ I bet you were thinking about yesterday night right now. ” Anne teases.

I purse my lips before closing my eyes. My head is beginning to hurt again. The effect of the painkiller is wearing off.

“ Don’t remind me something I am dying to erase from my mind. ” The words fall out of my mouth without any control.

Silence falls between us again. All of a sudden, my phone rings. I sit up in the bed and grab the phone from the side table.

Seeing Enzo’s name lightening up the screen, I find myself holding my breath.

“ Don’t tell him anything. Not until you have figured it out yourself. ” Anne is quick to warn me.

I pick up the call and place the phone beside my ear.

“ H — Hello… ” My voice breaks.

Tears pool in my eyes, my hold tightening around the phone.

“ Goddess! Where have you been? I want to see you right now! ” Enzo sighs right away.

My eyes move towards Anne’s warning gaze.

“ I — I am at Giana’s house. ” I tell him, guilt eating away at my guts.

“ Wait there. I am coming to get you. We need to talk. ” Enzo hangs up the call after instructing me.

“ Does he know? Did he find out? ” I begin to hyperventilate instantly.

“ No. He doesn’t know. ” Giana gets up and rubs my back.

“ Calm down Natalie. He just wants to see you. ” Anne tries to assure me.

But I can’t breath. Enzo will never see me after today. This thought is enough to make my heart bleed.

“ It’s all my fault. I should have never gone there. ” I throw my head into my hands.

“ Come on, Natalie. Don’t beat yourself over it. What’s done is done. We will fix this. I promise. ” Giana runs her fingers down my hair softly while convincing me.

I shake my head and take a deep breath. “ I messed up big time. ”


Like Enzo said, he came to pick me up from Giana’s house in half an hour. Mrs. Norman — Giana’s Mom came to inform me in Giana’s room.

“ Don’t make more mistakes, Natalie. ” Anne holds my hand and stops me beside the main door.

Giana rushes close to us and grabs my other hand. “ Make the right decision. You have to. ”

I don’t know what they are asking me but I still nod my head before stepping out of Giana’s house.

Enzo is standing on the other side of the street, his back resting against the tree and his eyes taking me in. I shiver and unconsciously fix the neckline of my top.

The man before me is the example of perfection. His tousled brown hair and brown eyes compliment each other. He is not cold as the one who has marked me against my will. He is understanding, polite and kind. Anything a woman wants in their mate, in their boyfriends or husbands.

I walk towards him with a heavy heart.

“ Hey. ” My voice is small.

“ Hey. ” He replies with a soft smile.

“ Walk with me. ” He tells me next.

I nod my head and follow his order without a second thought. We walk on the street, side by side.

“ What happened yesterday night? ” He asks the most dreaded question.

My head snaps in his direction. I find him already looking at me, his brown eyes looking black in the dim lightening.

Does he know? I should have known Emilie will tell him right away. Tears well in my eyes.

“ I…” I suck in a shaky breath.

“ I was worried when Giana and Anne mind—linked me and said you were missing. You got drunk and slept on the roadside. Do you think it’s safe? ” He rants, his voice growing in volume with each passing moment.

I release a relieved breath and nod my head. “ I am sorry. ”

He doesn’t know.

“ Did I not say that you shouldn’t go to places like those? It’s not safe right now. ” He huffs, folding his arms over his chest.

“ I am sorry. I really am. ” I apologise again.

“ And if you do this again? ” He questions, lifting his perfectly carved thick left eyebrow.

“ I won’t. I promise. ” I mumble.

Although he is talking about going clubbing, I am talking about something entirely different.

“ You better stick to your words. ” He warns in a stern voice.

I nod my head subtly.

Enzo unfolds his arms from over his chest and takes my hand in his before we start strolling down the street again.

A lump forms in my throat when I realise that he hasn’t even bothered to ask me why my head is bandaged or what happened to me.

My hold tightens over his hand as the thought pops in my mind.

Enzo knows what’s the problem with me and how everyone treats me. Maybe, that’s why he doesn’t want to ask because he is afraid he might make me feel uncomfortable. I convince my mind and then my heart in absolute silence.

But, it doesn’t soothe the ache in my stupid heart.

We continue to walk and stop when the Alpha — Enzo’s house comes into view. My eyes take in a familiar face, the beta of the Night Walkers Pack.

I stare at him and so does Enzo.

Alpha Wilson and the Beta is now shaking hands. There are grim smiles on their lips which are as fake as their temporary deal, no matter what it is.

There is bad blood between Night Walkers Pack and the whole werewolf community. We all hate them and more than anyone, we hate their Alpha, Ryker Ambrose.

Why? One must ask. Of course, he kills people and is ruthless and he forces people into doing what he wants but are not all Alphas like this? Then why do we all hate Ryker Ambrose so much?

That’s because no one can defeat him. He is unmatched in terms of strength, power and wealth. That’s why we all hate him, I think. We can’t get rid of him even if he is pain in everyone’s ass.

The beta turns around to walk towards his slick BMW when his eyes land on me.

Oh my f*cking Goddess! He will recognise me!

I suck in a sharp breath when he narrows his eyes and moves them down to my hand held in Enzo’s bigger one.

A strange emotion passes between his eyes when his gaze snaps back to mine once again. The emotion is so strange and strong that I snatch my hand out of Enzo’s grip and stumble back on my feet.

The beta throws me a meaningful smile and sits down in the back seat of his car.

“ Do you know him? ” Enzo questions.

“ No. ” I lie without hesitation.

“ Why was he smiling at you then? ” Enzo’s tones becomes grave.

I shrug my shoulders. “ I don’t know. ”

Read Alpha's Claimed Mate novel Chapter 6 (2024)


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