Werewolf Romance Review: Alpha Asher by Jane Doe - Dreame (2024)

Lola always believes she and her boyfriend, Alpha Tyler, are mates. Until Tyler turns nineteen and he finds his mate at a party, where he does not think twice about leaving Lola to be with her.

Heartbroken, Lola’s wolf ran to her grandmother’s cottage, where she finished school and did some training with their warrior neighbor. A piece of sad news from home forced her to go back with her grandmother.

From there, Lola’s life blossoms as she meets her new Alpha Alpha Asher of the Crescent Moon Pack. No matter how attractive he is, Lola swears she’s done with the Alphas.

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Will she eat her words? Find out here!

  • Part 1: Characters From Alpha Asher Book
  • Part 2: Story of Alpha Asher by Jane Doe
  • Part 3: Fall In Love With Alpha Asher Novel
  • Part 4: Book Similar to Alpha Asher

Part 1. Characters From Alpha Asher Book

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Daughter of the former Beta, Lola is a werewolf who likes ‘gothic’ outfits, to her asshole ex-boyfriend’s dismay. Her raven-colored hair is down behind her thin, porcelain-complexion body. Her eyes are a beautiful silver color.

You will love her spitfire charm as someone who doesn’t easily submit to anyone, even her new dominating Alpha.

After a year of running from her pack, Lola immediately recovered from the heartbreak from Tyler. She considered it a lesson because Tyler had always been an asshole. Along with his friends Chelsea, Ethan, and Isaac.

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Fortunately, all thanks to Maya, her wolf, who ran five hours straight from home to her grandmother’s cottage, Lola was able to escape the pain and the humiliation she didn’t deserve in the first place.

With sandy blonde hair, Tyler used to be an Alpha, but he is nothing compared to the Crescent Moon Alpha. He met his mate, Brittany, and without a second thought, left Lola. When Lola left, Tyler had serious issues with the Crescent Moon Pack, the best pack that had the best werewolf warriors in history.

As mentioned, Tyler is an asshole, and he pissed off the other pack’s Alpha big time that no other packs wanted to stand in between. Who would dare stand a fight against the Crescent Moon Pack anyway?

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Tyler had no idea what he was putting himself into until it was too late. And as an asshole that he is, he fled during the war with Brittany leaving his pack behind, and soon, Alpha Asher took over his pack.

Only when Lola returned home did she learn of the events that unfolded in her pack. Tyler was long gone, and her brother, Beta Sean, was no longer a Beta. In his position is Beta Drake because their pack is now under the territory of Crescent Moon Pack with Asher as the Alpha.

Alpha Asher is a dominating, mouth-watering Alpha with his chiseled frame, chocolate-color hair, and eyes like melted honey. But he is also obsessed with training, which becomes mandatory for all the territories under him.

After the intense interaction and combat training, Alpha Asher and Lola will find out they are mates but wait, there’s more!

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As you get to read more chapters from Alpha Asher by Jane Doe, you will meet another supernatural creature a vampire, who is also Lola’s mate!

What?! What about Alpha Asher?

See? It gets exciting further in the story. It turns out Lola’s father is a Vampire King! And later in the story, Lola will pronounce Queen of the Vampires!

What about Alpha Asher?

Find out more about Alpha Asher and Lola in Alpha Asher. Free to read the first 6 chapters on the app!

Part 2: Story of Alpha Asher by Jane Doe

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At nineteen, Tyler found his mate, and it was not Lola, his girlfriend. Heartbroken and humiliated, Lola’s wolf, Maya, ran to her grandmother’s house, where she stayed for a year. She finished school and did some professional physical training with Chris, a warrior werewolf and former Beta.

She was doing well away from her pack when her brother delivered the sad news their mother had died. Lola and her grandmother returned home. They are bewildered to see werewolf guards guarding the territory. It turns out their pack is now under the superior of Alpha Asher and the Crescent Moon Pack due to Tyler’s foolishness.

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Somehow, Lola is grateful to Tyler, and his mate is nowhere around now. Unfortunately, his friends are still around. But who cares? Lola is different now, and her training helped her a lot.

She feels so confident now that she doesn’t mind a few banter with Alpha Asher, who becomes her partner on the first training day because she arrived late.

It becomes a hate-and-love relationship between them, especially because Lola will not just back down to his Alpha!

Alpha Asher is a fun read and I’m sure you will end up laughing at how Lola talks back to Alpha Asher’s annoyed face. See what it takes for a spitfire beauty like Lola to finally obey her strong, dominating Alpha Asher.

Part 3: Fall In Love With Alpha Asher Novel

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In another world of supernaturals, Alpha Asher, will take us on an adventure as we meet new werewolves, vampires, and human characters who will strongly impact this werewolf romance novel.

I get it. You’ve seen countless paranormal books out there and getting tired of the trope. You want something with spice that will keep you gripping for more and loving and hating the characters. Alpha Asher is just right for your needs! You will love Lola’s wit, bravery, and smart responses against her new Alpha Asher. Things got more intense when they found out they are mates!

With shocking turns and dark secrets that will keep readers guessing until the very end, Alpha Asher is a fresh, juicy, and utterly addictive werewolf romance read by a talented writer, Jane Doe.

The plot is awesome, and the readers who finish the Alpha Asher full book with 179 romantic, fantastic chapters can attest to that. It had a little bit of everything that paranormal romance readers will love.

179 chapters are very short for a breathtaking read like the Alpha Asher by Jane Doe full novel on Goodreads now!

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Part 4. Book Similar to Alpha Asher

If you are looking for a romance novel similar to Alpha Asher, we recommend Alpha’s Mate.

Only exclusive on Dreame, Alpha’s Mate tells the story of Alpha Xavier, who has been looking for her mate but has no idea she has been living under his territory for the longest time!

This romance book also has a legendary adventure with lovely werewolf characters.

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Werewolf Romance Review: Alpha Asher by Jane Doe - Dreame (2024)


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