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Written by Jane Doe, "Alpha Asher" is an ongoing novel from the Werewolf genre. The book follows the story of Lola, a wolf pack member who is navigating life after separating from her lover Tyler. The book is all about how she meets the new Alpha named Asher, and how his relationship with Lola as well as other members of the pack develops amidst various challenges. With 250 chapters already released, the book has won a rating of 9.7 stars and 9.3 Million views.

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Author Introduction

Jane Doe is a gifted storyteller and the creative mind behind the captivating romance, "Alpha Asher". This book is Jane's debut work, while some other titles written by her include "Mated to the Alpha Twins", "Alpha Killian", and "The Alpha King's Daughter". Although, much isn't known about her professional or personal life, her books feature a skillfully woven a narrative that has quickly captured the hearts of readers around the globe. Her unique literary approach channels the emotions of her characters and breathes life into every page.



The protagonist of the story, Lola is a young she-wolf suffering through heartache as her boyfriend and the future pack Alpha, Tyler unexpectedly departs. To fight the situation, Lola leaves her pack for an entire year but a tragic event makes her come back and she finds that the leadership mantle is now in the hands of Alpha Asher.

Alpha Asher

Powerful and mysterious, Alpha Asher is the leader of the pack who becomes the focus of Lola's affections over time. Despite her hesitations in the beginning, Alpha magnetically pulls Lola towards himself, and their relationship starts to develop.


As the pack's Alpha and Lola's former love interest, Tyler is a self-centred and unpleasant character who dismisses Lola's gothic fashion sense. On his 18th birthday, he leaves Lola for another girl, and is known to recklessly pursues his desires without caring about the results.

Throughout the novel, the connection between Lola and Asher remains the focal point of the story, thereby leading the readers through a whirlwind of emotions, establishing an intriguing romantic journey.

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After the death of her parents, Lola has to take care of her siblings. She is a teenage she-wolf who is left heartbroken and alone when her mate Tyler leaves her on his 18th birthday. This makes her flee her pack and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Soon, she discovers her true identity as an alpha, further returning home to face her past. However, this time she meets Alpha Asher and feels drawn to him instantly - and that's what makes them navigate a world loaded with werewolves, humans, and vampires together. As their relationship grows and as they fight for survival in this dangerous ecosystem, Lola must trust her instincts and make tough choices, even if it means risking everything for love. Will Lola and Asher's love survive in this new world of supernatural beings is what the plot follows next.

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Hot Chapters

Although "Alpha Asher" is an ongoing novel, some of its chapters feature interesting aspects of the plot. Let's take a look at some of the hot chapters.

Chapter 7

The chapter begins with Asher confronting Lola while she is walking through the water. He is carrying her over his shoulder and suddenly demands to known what she was doing by pushing her against a tree. Lola tries to cover herself, but Asher yanks her hands down and growls at her, further proceeding to question her about the noise she was making. However, when Lola doesn't give an answer, he forces his thigh between her legs and starts touching her inappropriately. Despite of Lola trying to fight back, Asher pins her wrists and continues to touch her stating that she will be punished for being disobedient.

Chapter 250

Set 10 years after the previous events, this is the latest chapter of the book. Lola is now a mother and is dealing with th inappropriate behaviour of her daughter, Ramona. There's some sort of sexual tension between Asher and Lola, while Lola also reflects on her mother when she hears Ramona's laughter. The chapter highlights the passage of time, demonstrating how the relationship between Lola and Asher has grown over the years - not only as a couple, but also as parents. Some new characters, including Ramona, Zeke, Brandon, and Ember are also introduced, thereby adding extra layers to the story.

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It won't be an overstatement that "Alpha Asher" by Jane Doe is an extraordinary werewolf romance. It takes you through Lola's journey with utmost genius, whereas the right integration of werewolves, humans, and vampires highlights the significance of relationships and personal growth. The characters resonate with one and all and the writing keep the readers hooked to the changing dynamics between Lola, Asher, and Tyler. The twists and turns help in unfolding the story at the right pace, thereby leaving the readers eager for more!


1. How does the writing style affect the plot?

Jane Doe's distinct writing style works wonders in capturing emotions and creating vivid descriptions. This not only builds interest, but also makes you relate with the events happening in the lives of the characters.

2. What are the themes and life aspects covered by the novel?

"Alpha Asher" beautifully covers themes of love, loss, and identity - not to forget, it also dives into the emotional aspects of relationships, tragedy, and the difficulties of finding your place in a paranormal space.

3. What differentiates the book from other titles in this genre?

What makes the book hooking is the character development. The detailed demonstration of emotions and the portrayal of Lola's journey from heartbreak to love brings out so much more substance to the story. A unique flavor comes into play with the mix of supernatural entities - werewolves, humans, and vampires.

Alpha Asher Novel by Jane Doe Review - Werewolf (2024)


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